MATLAB and Simulink for Building Automation

MATLAB® and Simulink® help engineers who are developing control and monitoring algorithms for systems such as escalators, elevators, and HVAC systems from design and validation to deployment.

Using models of physical components and control systems, engineers can simulate and test their algorithms in hundreds of different scenarios. Following this process, they can deploy code on embedded targets or production servers.

This approach helps engineers design and produce building automation systems that are optimized to lower energy consumption and increase operational efficiency.

Elevators and Escalators

Using MATLAB and Simulink, engineers can create models of physical systems and develop algorithms for control and supervisory logic. Engineers can then simulate a range of different configurations and perform a variety of tests. Control algorithms are deployed on embedded controllers and PLCs.

MATLAB and Simulink enable companies to move from physical testing and validation to simulation, and to manufacture equipment with predictive maintenance functionality.




Engineering teams use MATLAB and Simulink to develop control logic with embedded optimization, monitoring, and fault prediction capability. Control algorithms can calculate the temperature throughout a building’s interior and the effects of exterior temperature, sun load, heat-transfer mechanisms, convection, air flow, and heat radiation.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems running at their optimal parameters have a large impact on comfort and total energy consumption.

Building Management Systems

Engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to develop algorithms that optimize operations across buildings. MATLAB and Simulink access data from various sensors, devices, and systems and communicate over a variety of protocols. Data is processed using optimization and machine learning algorithms that engineers can customize to specific site requirements.

Building management systems

Using MATLAB and Simulink for Building Automation

“MATLAB has helped accelerate our R&D and deployment with its robust numerical algorithms, extensive visualization and analytics tools, reliable optimization routines, support for object-oriented programming, and ability to run in the cloud with our production Java applications.”

Borislav Savkovic, BuildingIQ