MATLAB and Simulink for Container, Web, and Desktop Deployment

MATLAB and Simulink application deployment products enable engineers and scientists in your organization to share their work as secured standalone applications, web apps, Docker containers, and other targets with unlicensed MATLAB and Simulink users such as collaborators and clients.

With MATLAB and Simulink, you can:

  • Deploy your MATLAB applications, algorithms, and Simulink simulations to the desktop or web or as Docker containers
  • Share deployed applications royalty-free to users who do not use MATLAB or Simulink; end users can run these applications with a free download of MATLAB Runtime
  • Protect your intellectual property by sharing compiled MATLAB applications, algorithms, and Simulink simulations, which are protected using industry-standard advanced encryption protocols
  • Minimize the size of deployed applications with an optimized MATLAB Runtime
  • Develop MATLAB apps, APIs, and containers on one operating system and deploy them to a different operating system with cross-platform compilation support
  • Integrate MATLAB algorithms, analytics, and Simulink models with your enterprise systems and applications across the DevOps lifecycle

Learn How to Use MATLAB and Simulink for Deployment


Generate a Docker container


Deploy web apps


Deploy standalone applications


Learn about the products used for container, web, and desktop deployment.