MATLAB for Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Analyze and understand complex geological trends

MATLAB helps geoscientists understand the dynamics, preconditions, and trends related to Earth, the ocean, and the atmosphere. You can use MATLAB for projects such as studying climate change's impact on global coral reefs, analyzing seismic activity, or modeling water flow. MATLAB can help whether you’re collecting data from the field or from facilities such as IRIS's Data Management Center.

Analyze and visualize your data using techniques such as statistics, signal processing, image processing, and mapping. With MATLAB, you can build and simulate models of past and future environmental events.

Work with a variety of data sources to access and analyze data from peer research, government- and university-funded data facilities, and other software packages. Synthesize flawed and large data, collaborate across universities and institutions, and access computing resources for large-scale analyses and simulations.

Explore community toolboxes and apps on File Exchange and GitHub®, where researchers often publish code artifacts tied to innovative scientific findings.

Accelerate your research activities with MATLAB and Simulink.

Climate Change

See progress in clean energy products, climate research, and financial risk and sustainability.

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