Deep Learning

Learn the Basics

This video series addresses deep learning topics for engineers such as accessing data, training a network, using transfer learning, and incorporating your model into a larger design.

Advance Your Skills

MATLAB makes it easy to create and modify deep neural networks. These tutorial videos outline how to use the Deep Network Designer app, a point-and-click tool that lets you interactively work with your deep neural networks.
Explore deep learning examples, and learn how you can get started in MATLAB.

Apply Your Expertise

Train a convolutional neural network (CNN) to identify handwritten digits.
This hands-on, two-hour tutorial is an introduction to practical deep learning methods for image recognition.

Code-Along Tutorials

Practice coding for deep learning applications while following along with step by step video tutorials.

Learn how to load and preprocess data, import a network, transfer learning, and test the network for deep learning with images.
Learn how to load point cloud data, preprocess datasets, define and train networks, and generate detections.